Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sauteed Squash with Onions and Red Peppers

I finally remembered to take pictures while Matt was cooking, instead of just before I crammed my mouth full of the awesome food he made for us. So here's how he made a simple dinner of sauteed veggies and some black beans on the side:

He started by chopping an onion, and threw it in the skillet to get soft.

Next, he peeled and sliced the squash......and added it to the skillet.
He next chopped a red pepper...
..and threw that in too.
He only used salt and pepper to season this, which was AMAZING to me, because the veggies created their own delicious sauce that I swore he did something more to make that happen. It just tasted too good to be JUST veggies!
Meanwhile, he opened a can of seasoned black beans and heated them, so in a few short moments more, we had a delicious savory veggie dinner.
Squash never tasted so good!

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