Monday, January 11, 2010

Breakfast Bites

So I keep talking about this crazy revolution my taste buds have undergone now that I'm entering into my third year of being a vegetarian. Like, for instance, I used to love eating muffins and/or pastries for breakfast, if/when I ever even ate breakfast. And besides eggs, didn't really consider anything else acceptable breakfast food.

But these days when I bite into a muffin or a pastry I'm just like, "wow! taste all that refined, bleached flour and the made-with-animal-bones sugar... grody." And then I'm not interested in eating it anymore. Instead, I'm craving crazy things like fruit and nuts.

These are things I used to like eating, but I didn't like eating them very much. Now every morning I'm packing some fruit to take to work with me where I currently have a big bag of cashews stashed in my desk.

It's been pretty awesome seeing the way my body responds to eating so healthily. My hair is the reddest it's been since I was a little kid gorging myself on tomatoes out of our backyard garden. I've also been developing quite a bit of muscle while doing my normal activities which is awesome, but a little annoying as it leads to prolonged muscle soreness.

Anyway, my mind has just been blown away at how good real, nourishing food is. I'm definitely eating along the lines of Michael Pollan these days:
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