Friday, February 28, 2014

Wine of the Week - STO 2012 Chenin Blanc


This is a very syrupy wine, better as a dessert or stand-alone cocktail than something to pair with dinner.

Peach scents on the nose translate into a peach syrup taste, not unlike the leftover water at the bottom of a can of peaches. A hint of grape seed. There's something a little flat and lifeless about this wine. But for sweetness alone, you can expect it to be a crowd pleaser at a party.

12.5% alcohol

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Brownies (pt 1) - Single-Serve Microwave Brownies

Winter is brownie season. Not because of Girl Scout cookies, but because what is better on a cold winter night than a brownie? Nothing, that's what. With all of the snow we've been getting hit with on the east coast, I have tried out some of the biggest internet phenomenons in the brownie world. This post highlights the single-serve microwave baked goods wave. I love everything about this recipe except for the fact that there are no leftovers. I microwave mine for 60 seconds instead of the recommended 50, because mine were coming out very underdone in the middle. I love how quickly these brownies are from start to finish. About 3 minutes from getting your butt of the couch to getting your butt back on the couch, including cleanup time. Can't beat that.

Preety's Vegan Mug Brownies

(I apologize for not adding a picture, but it is incredibly hard to get a nice-looking picture of a brownie in a mug, especially when that mug is also the mixing bowl)