Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Taste of Summer - Poor Girl's Lemonade

We're past Memorial Day so now it's officially summer! Woo! To celebrate, I'm going to share with you some fun summer food and drinks to share with your friends and family.

First off - I've been itching to try making my own lemonade but just haven't for unknown reasons. Oh wait, didn't feel like buying lemons.
Well, wouldn't you know it, I walked into work the other day and someone left a huge bag of lemons up for grabs on the 'Free' community table. Yoink!

So I came right home and starting makin'. I don't have a juicer or anything (and I'm too lazy and impatient to wait until I go buy one), so I had to do it all manually.

  • 1. I sliced 7 lemons in half. Picked out all the seeds I could find (though some escaped me) and squeezed each half with all my might into a pitcher.
  • 2. Once I got all the juice I could, probably about 2 cups, I strained the lemon juice to get rid of those pesky seeds.
  • 3. Add about 1 cup of sugar and 5-6 cups water to taste.
A whole pitcher of lemonade for the price of a cup of sugar!

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