Friday, May 20, 2011

Wine of the Week - AM/FM 2009 Grenache Blanc


AM/FM wine is produced in cooperation with Saarloos & Sons, one of my favorite wineries from up in the Solvang area.  (I enjoy Saarloos & Sons so much that I have three pricey bottles of theirs, each on hold for a very special occasion; that's how good they are.)

AM/FM seems to be more widely available than Saarloos wines, and a bit more affordable... and they still taste great.  This one has the scent of apples and pears, along with a hint of strawberry.  To taste, it's thick and full-bodied.  There's a bit of tobacco up front, which is rare for a white.  This is followed by caramel and golden apple flavors that coat your mouth.  Then a lime finish.

Delicious and a great value.  Seek this one out.

14.5% alcohol

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