Friday, October 26, 2012

Wine of the Week - Skinner 2010 Rosé


The nose is what I consider to be pretty typical for rosé: green apples, celery, and a general perfume aura.

What's surprising is the taste. There's a richness to this that I'm not used to with rosés, and a little bit of thickness to the mouthfeel (albeit very mild). Some tomato flavor, bordering on tomato soup. And a spiciness throughout that's more reminiscent of a red wine.

It's also surprising that a non-red can hold so much alcohol so well. At 14.1%, you'd expect this wine to be overwhelmed by alcohol. Instead, you can barely taste it.

This is an excellent wine, and a great counterargument for anyone who thinks they could never like a rosé.

14.1% alcohol

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