Friday, February 17, 2012

Wine of the Week - Alvear 1927 Pedro Ximenez


Before you get too excited, let me just say no, I did not drink a vintage 1927 wine.  This dessert wine, made from Spanish Pedro Ximenez grapes, is produced using the "Solera System" style that was established in 1927.  There is no actual vintage year for this wine, as the "Solera System" blends multiple years into one bottle.  But it's safe to assume that the liquid I drank is much more recent than 1927.

This wine has a dark amber color, and a thick, rich, syrupy texture to match.  It tastes of prunes, figs and raisins.  Very sugary without being grainy.

Extremely sweet, this wine works best as a stand-alone drink, especially as an after-dinner treat.  Drink slow and savor.

16% alcohol

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